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The Wee Collie Tyke

Running barefoot thru the callows
as a towhead child of God
I had but one sure friend
e'er by my side.
Her thick soft coat of fur
was black as darkest coal
but her paws were gloved
in delicate bright white.
And tiny tho' she were,
she kept me ever safe
from any danger dared
to cross our way.
And when the sun went down,
she'd lie upon my arm
as we would dream of
yet another day.
And 'tho today my days grow shallow
and I draw close to my God,
my one sure friend has
never left my side.
My memories of her
live deep within my soul
and she runs to me in dreams
most every night.
Then thru the callow sure
white gloves and tender feet
run once again
unhindered by the days.
And when the dawn arrives
a soft head on my arm
reminds me of
a legacy to stay.
For 'twas a wee Collie tyke
to whom I first gave my heart,
and the wee Collie indeed
who owns it still.

(copywrite ITCI)