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I hereby agree to abide by all of the terms set forth below to the  best of my ability, and to support the ITCI  as the only legitimate registry for all Irish Toy Collie dogs.  Furthermore, I pledge to aid in the development, promotion and public awareness of our breed.

I agree  to breed only dogs without known genetic health  or temperament problems which would result in producing puppies incapable of becoming suitable and healthy pets.

I commit to the proper socialization, care and nutrition of my dogs and the puppies I produce, maintaining them on the "Natural Rearing" method which focuses on feeding primarily fresh food, using no or minimal vaccines (minimal being non combined vaccines for distemper, parvo, and rabies only -- given at three week intervals at least, and  given only after a puppy has reached twelve weeks of age, and not to be given again unless a titer test shows no titer for the disease).  I further agree not to impose infantile spay or neuter surgery on my puppies, but to have such surgery performed only after the puppy has reached the age of fourteen months, if at all.  I will have all of my puppies tattooed on the upper inner thigh for permanent identification purposes by the age of 24 weeks, and I will not have their bodies invaded with potentially dangerous micro-chips.   I agree not to place my puppies or dogs with people who do not also agree, per contract, to these terms, and not to place any dog or puppy with anyone living in a state which requires yearly vaccination for rabies, nor in any municipality having laws which conflict with these terms.   I agree to do all I can to keep each of my dogs (and puppies) in ultimate condition, and to help other ITC  dog owners do the same.

I  shall honestly represent  my dogs and my puppies at all times and act in a professional manner when representing this breed to the public  I shall never  make false statements by spoken word or by letter condemning any ITCI member, or any dog belonging to an ITCI member. Any information I may have regarding any misdeeds of Club members or misrepresentations made on behalf of any specific dog will be sent to the ITCI registry headquarters

I shall not breed any female under the age of one year, nor shall I breed any female more often than twice within and eighteen month period.  I shall not allow any female to produce more than four litters total in her lifetime.  I further agree never to breed my female to a dog who is not registered with ITCI.  I fully understand that my female's registration could be revoked in the event that her progeny is dual registered by any other registry outside of the ITCI

I  agree never to breed my male to any female that is not properly registered with the ITCI.   I fully understand that my male's registration could be revoked in the event that his progeny is dual registered by any other registry/group outside of the ITCI

I agree NEVER to dual register my dogs with any Registry other than the ITCI with the exception of registering with organizations which maintain registration records on individual dogs only and for the sole purpose of exhibiting in dog shows, and not for any pedigree keeping or litter registration purposes.

I shall include in every contract a  guarantee. I shall also include a requirement  that
should the dog ever become unwanted or in danger of being homeless, that  the dog be returned to me under penalty of not less than a ten thousand dollar fine.
I shall also include a strict penalty clause to discourage anyone from failing to adhere to the NR clause of the contract, or from  registering any of my puppies outside of the ITCI.  I shall supervise to the best of my ability all of my co-ownership, breeder agreement, and neuter/spay contracts to prevent any possibility of fraud caused by others. Also, I agree to uphold all of my guarantees quickly and fairly as outlined in my guarantee contract.

I shall NEVER refuse to take back ANY puppy or dog of my breeding, regardless of age or condition, nor will I knowingly allow ANY Irish Toy Collie to be in an animal shelter.

I agree never to place a breeding quality or potential breeding quality dog with anyone who is not fully licensed as an ITCI breeder  unless said dog is placed with a detailed co-ownership agreement, or spay/neuter contract.

By my signature I am stating  that I have  read, and understood and fully agree to all aspects of the ITCI Rules and Regulations,  it's bylaws, and this Breeder’s Code of Ethics. Furthermore, I understand if I choose to violate any part of this agreement I may be suspended from the ITCI as a member and/or I could have my breeding privileges revoked.
If you are adopting a puppy from an ITCI registered breeder,  know that  they have
signed the  following  Code Of Ethics: