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GENERAL APPEARANCE : A sprightly little dog with a soft, yet whimsical expression and a beautiful coat that stand outs as a result of ample undercoat. The mane and frill are particularly abundant, and the plume tail carried brightly over the back is also thickly furred.  A fox-like face with alert dark eyes and pointed ears complete the picture of beauty, intelligence, and humor.

TEMPERAMENT AND CHARACTER :  The Irish Toy Collie is  attentive,  responsive, lively, and intensely devoted to his owner.  He is exceptionally bright and has very good problem solving skills.  He is highly trainable and enjoys the challenge of learning new skills.  He is aloof toward strangers without being either shy nor aggressive.  He is long lived and not prone to genetic ailments, although he may well prove sensitive to a variety of chemical drugs, with which he should not be extensively treated.

HEAD:  Proportinate to the body.  Skull is slightly rounded but not "apple shaped".
Stop is moderate.  Cheeks gently rounded, not protruding.  Muzzle is proportinate  to to the skull in length,  slightly rounded, and should never appear  unbalanced.

MOUTH:  The lip line is clean and should not hang or form a "jowl" look.  Nose, lips, and eye rims are black.  Bite is scissors.

EYES:   The eyes are of medium size, slightly almond shaped, and preferably dark.  Merles may have blue either partially or totally in one or both eys, and a darker blue is preferred to a "wall" or "white" eye. 

EARS:  Somewhat small, high set,  neither close nor  too widely set.  Moderately wide at the base and pointed.

NECK : Of medium length, muscular and slightly arched.  Covered with a profuce coat or "ruff". 

FOREQUARTERS:  Shoulders well laid back. Upper arm and shoulder blade of equal length.   Forelegs should appear straight when viewed from front, with no "toeing out" or "toeing in".

BODY:  Slightly longer than height from ground to top of shoulder, The loin
should have enough length to accomodate effortless movement and the running and jumping required of a true working dog.  The ribs are well sprung, the back is level, and there is only a slight tuck up to the belly.

HINDQUARTERS:  Strong and muscular, proportunate to forequarters to present a fully balanced appearance. Stifle joint is well angled and hocks are
fairly well let down but never short so as to impede fluid movement.  Hocks should appear straight when viewed from behind, and set moderately apart. 

FEET:  Small, round "cat feet" with well arched toes

TAIL: Set high and carried proudly over the back. Length should be moderate.  A double "curl" is acceptable but not preferred.  Fur on the tail is particularly long and thick.

GAIT/MOVEMENT :   Good reach and drive so as to cover the most ground with the least effort.  Should move out well so as to be able to get around a herd of sheep.  When viewed from the front and rear, single tracking and fluid.

COAT :  Thick, straight, double coat.  Outercoat is is fairly long, straight, and somewhat standing out.  Undercoat short, thick and dense.  Head, ears, front side of front and hind legs and the feet covered with short, thick fur.  Neck and shoulders are covered by a thick mane. Well feathered front legs, and rear legs above the hocks. Tail is covered with long, thick coat.  Trimming, "sculpting", or scissoring of any coat, including the whiskers is not to be tolerated.

COLOUR :  All colours are accepted, and white markings are typical.

SIZE : The Irish Toy Collie should be between ten and twenty pounds with fifteen pounds being considered the ideal.  Dogs should not exceed fourteen inches at the shoulder.

FAULTS : Any deviation from the standard is to be considered a fault.  The more serious faults will be those resulting in impeded gait and movement as despite this being a "toy" breed, it is nonetheless designed to be a fully capable working dog, and one of physical soundness that should not be outlived by the typical longevity of the breed.

OTHER:  Males should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.